Keys for new home

How Much do Your Homes Cost?

As a premier custom home builder in Myrtle Beach, we empower our clients to determine the final cost of their homes. Our contracts are written with a base price that includes an addendum of reasonable allowances according to specs we have discussed. The allowances are a dollar per dollar allowances and all of our vendors…

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Foundation for a new home

What Types of Foundations Do You Offer?

We offer to construct your custom home on multiple foundation types. The most common and efficient foundation type we offer is a monolithic slab foundation. This type of foundation places the finished floor level of the home approximately 6-12” above the yard. This type of foundation is perfect for those who don’t desire to have…

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Inside of new custom home under construction

How Long Does it Take to Build a Home?

The time it takes to build a home varies greatly depending on the design and size of your home. Our homes under 4,000 SF generally take 4-6 months to construct from breaking ground to turning over the keys to our homeowners. Homes larger than 5,000 SF generally takes 9-12 months. Our relationship with our homeowners…

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Myrtle Beach with the ocean and a storm in the background

Why Should We Hire You?

Present, Past, Future: We build in one of the most challenging areas in the Carolina’s. Attention to detail is paramount to shielding your home from the extreme elements we find on the coast (wind, water, heat/humidity). We implement proven building techniques and premium materials to ensure a high-performance home for each of our clients according…

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